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Fixed rate? Floating rate? How do I choose?

Since the introduction of fixed rates for loans by the banks in New Zealand in the early 90's (my memory is a bit hazy on this and it might have been earlier than this), borrowers have been faced with choice. This choice has placed many borrowers in a quandary.
While I can't offer you a crystal ball I can at least help you read the signs and anticipate the direction rates are expected to go.

Download this file (Fixed_Floating_Article_Sept_2012.pdf)Fixed or Floating137 kB

Red Zone - Residential

Most people in Christchurch won't need a recap of the events we have all experienced since 4th September 2010 when life as many of us knew it ceased to exist, so I won't go there!

I write this from the comfort of a relatively unaffected Western suburb of Christchurch, but like most in the West, I have ended up helping, as best I could, our fellow Christchurch dwellers in the East who are in the greatest need.

Download this file (1Red_Zone.pdf)Red Zone - Residential117 kB

Saving New Zealand

Is the title an oxymoron? Will Kiwi's ever save on their own volition? I don't believe so.

New Zealanders aged 18 and older have an estimated total net worth of $367 billion with a median value of $60,000, according to a new survey conducted by Statistics New Zealand on behalf of the Retirement Commission. Source 2001 Household Savings Survey 

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Unleash the value in your bank statement

In my role as a business mentor and finance broker I frequently meet small business operators who are struggling to come to grips with the financial side of their business. When asked about their trading figures, or cash flow for the month or year to date, they roll their eyes and say we get the accountant to do this or, worse still, they hide from it. This is especially true for the home based business or the newly established business where capital is tight, and they do not wish to spend precious cash on an accounting system.

If only they knew the value their bank statement contains. After all it's where the accountant extracts his information, and earns some of their fees from.

Download this file (Unleash_your_Statement.pdf)Unleash Your Statement321 kB

Has The Reserve Bank lost its other Oar?

The Reserve Bank of NZ raised the Official Cash Rate (OCR) 25 basis points to 6 25 % on Thursday the 9th of September.

That means in the last year, the OCR has risen 125 basis points and the economist are predicting more. But is it an effective tool to control inflation in the NZ economy?

Is the Reserve Bank steering the New Zealand economy with only one paddle?

Download this file (RBNZ_article.pdf)RBNZ Article181 kB

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