"to add value to our clients by arranging, reviewing and
managing both residential and business finance
without any focus on our remuneration"

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About Financial Service Providers (FSP)

What does FSP Provide?

Primarily we act as finance brokers.

We arrange:

  • Home loans
  • Investment property finance
  • Property development finance
  • Commercial property finance
  • Business finance
  • Working capital requirements
  • Plant and machinery finance
  • Franchise finance

In fact the only finance we are not actively involved with is consumer finance, but can help with this too.

Looking to Purchase a Business?

If you are looking to purchase a business we can review this for you and discuss the value in relation to the asking price, we can advise you on the information you should seek to enable you to carry out due diligence and present your case to the lenders.

Understanding "What Banks Want"

We also have a deep understanding of how banks look at requests for loans (see Publications section) and their requirements. We would like to say we understand banks, but that would be like suggesting men understand women. Lets just say we have a good idea about the banks likely reactions to your particular situation.

We can also provide sound advice on Franchising, having in house expertise and once Franchised ourselves.

We are active in the community and seek to inform and up skill anyone who is interested. See our Articles section.

Why use FSP?

Because (putting it in a nutshell, so to speak), we will always put your interests ahead of ours, even if we don’t get financially rewarded by doing so.

See our Testimonials, which were received unsolicited.

We live and honour our slogan “Our Aim, Your Gain”
So, what makes FSP different?

  • We see ourselves in a servanthood role for our clients.
  • We provide budgeting advice – we have a trained budget adviser on staff and this service is free.
  • Our Principal is a business mentor with Business Mentors NZ via Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC) – again this service is provided free.
  • We have over 40 years in the finance industry both in New Zealand and internationally.
  • We have commissioned the publishing of two business guides “ What Do Banks Want” (which we should have titled “What the Banks Aren't Telling You”) and “Owning Your Own Business”.
  • After 20 years we have arranged 270 million dollars in business and residential loans.
  • We have expertise in both residential and business finance with the lenders complementing us on our applications.
  • The Principal of FSP effectively ran a bank for two years while off shore in the Solomon Islands. Experience you can't buy.
  • Our Finance Consultant, David Weusten is contracted to  Employment Assistance Providers. (EAP)
  • Of course we are accredited members of the Financial Advisors NZ (FANZ) which merged with the NZMBA (Mortgage Brokers Association) in 2012.

We are amazed at how often we have people say to us “I wish we had met you years ago” or “Where have you been all my life?”.

We love what we do because we love helping people.

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