"to add value to our clients by arranging, reviewing and
managing both residential and business finance
without any focus on our remuneration"

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Home Loans - Residential

I have never met a person who loves having a residential mortgage, but they love what the mortgage allows them to do, either owning their own home, having an investment property or using the equity to fund their business.

If you have sufficient income and deposit/equity then it is very easy to get a mortgage and with over 40 residential lenders now operating in New Zealand there is no shortage of options or money available.

But what lender should I choose?

The difference is the products available, the structure, the staff and the pricing. Who can provide the help that you need and not bill you? FSP can!

Accredited PAA Mortgage brokers are charged with adding value, to the clients first, then to the banks and after, also to themselves.

You could go directly to your existing bank and get the banks off the shelf products and pricing, but are they taking advantage of you not using professionals. Do they know what they are doing? Unfortunately the banks inexperienced staff are responsible for a lot of poor advice. How do you know you are getting good advice?

As an accredited PAA Mortgage Broker and a Registered Financial Adviser

  • We have experience.
  • We review your total situation, income, personal situation, goals and dreams.
  • We know how revolving credit works and how to make it easy to manage.
  • We can explain how variable (floating) rate loans work and the fixed rate options.
  • We know which lender has special interest rates on offer.
  • We focus on your interests.
  • We will provide you with full disclosure.

We trust you would use a professional to arrange finance for yourself. As a member of the New Zealand Mortgage Broker's Association we have met all the requirements as set out by the Association and agree to abide by their Code of Ethics.

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Watch this video for more information.

For articles and forms related to residential finance see Resources.

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