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It won't happen overnight: Creating wealth through New Zealand property

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‘It won’t happen overnight…’ takes you through the process of getting started in property investment in New Zealand. Mike Pero and David Weusten step you through almost everything a successful property investor needs to know to succeed, from the basics of budgeting through to tips on selecting property, exercising due diligence and managing the buying process itself.

They also cover managing debt and cash flow as these are critical elements to successful property management.

Those who invest in property are often criticised in the media for being greedy, self-serving and a blight on the country. Yet without the people looking to create wealth for themselves through property investment, and providing the capital to house those who can’t or chose not to own their own property, it would be left to the government, local bodies or charitable organisations to provide rental housing resulting in higher taxes for all New Zealanders.

Mike Pero and David Weusten offer the essential handbook to equip new property investors and provide reassurance to those already in the market. Although it won’t happen overnight with the wisdom and experience this book provides you can be assured it will happen!

RRP $19.95 Available in all good book stores or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place your order.

Money, Your Master? Your Slave? Your Choice!

Money, Your Master? Your Slave? Your Choice!

Available to download - see below.

The following text is an extract from the guide's foreword:

It has often been said that money management is a life skill and that it should be taught in schools and not left to the school of hard knocks which, unfortunately, is where most of us learn. The latter school can leave people badly affected from their experiences. If only someone would provide a guide it would help a lot of people manage their money better and have one less stress in their lives.

With over 25 years’ experience in the finance industry, (most of which was with the ANZ Bank in New Zealand), running a finance broker company for the past five years, and being a budget advisor for over nine years, I find myself uniquely qualified to provide this guide. Having said this, however, I don’t profess to “know it all” either; I am still learning too!

This is my attempt to provide the basics of money management to anyone interested in managing their money and not being a slave to it.

Comments from those that have read the guide

“thank you for the copy of your book- money your master? ... I am sure it will be a valuable resource. I believe it is an ideal resource for senior secondary school students. I am keen to use some of the information for my senior employment Skills class.”

Lindsey James
Careers Advisor
Aranui High School

“I have leant it on to my 14-year old, who also manages (under supervision), an allowance for clothing, entertainment, gifts, saving and some spending money, and has a reporting spreadsheet we’ve helped him set up to both set a budget and track his expenses against it. not an easy task when everything seems to scream “buy me”!

Your book seems to be pitched just right for kids facing these kinds of issues – well done!

Heather Douglas
Home Business New Zealand Ltd

Download this file (Money_Web.pdf)Download your FREE e-copy[ ]1033 kB

What Do Banks Want?

What Do Banks Want?

Sorry, sold out but contact us if you would like a PDF version.

The following text is an extract from the guide's foreword:

What drives a bank today? Is it share price? Profitability? Or market share? Or maybe it is customer service and customer satisfaction?

It is indisputable that the banks serving (and I use the term serving loosely) New Zealand today have reinvented themselves so many times that they are unrecognisable from the form they were in five to 10 years ago. I know the branding is the same in most cases, but the mechanics behind the scenes are completely different.

For the staff the changes have been rapid and dramatic. They have struggled to keep up, with many of the older ones, known in some quarters as "the old School", not keeping up and as a consequence have been discarded. The percentage of staff over 45 years of age in the banks now would be considerably smaller than even five years ago.

If the staff struggled to keep up, and remember they were being kept informed to a large extent, it is no wonder that the customer and business owner of today has no idea. Questions like, who do I talk to? How do I talk to them? And what can I expect from my bank today? Are often expressed to me.
It is with this in mind that I have been prompted to write a guide, to lift the lid and to some extent explain the complexities that now drive the modern bank and banker in New Zealand today, particularly from a lending perspective.

Other guides are in the process of completion, namely "Business, Banking and You". (Tentative title)

Owning Your Own Business

Owning Your Own Business

$25.00 (GST & Postage incl) - Reprinted late 2010

From the foreword

For years I dreamt of owning and running a business. I guess what attracted me were the status symbols: the power, flexibility and wealth that seemed to belong to every business owner as of right. Of course I knew this was illusory, as after working in a bank for 21 years I had seen the other side – up close and personal. I knew of the sleepless nights, the tears, the despair, the hassles of stock supply, the dramas with staff and the rock bottom of bankruptcy and mortgagee sales by the banks acting to recover their lending.

But the purpose of this book is not to dwell on the exhilaration of the peaks of business ownership or the despair of the depths, as the vast majority of businesses in Australasia are well run, profitable and providing enjoyment and satisfaction to the owners. Instead, I want to focus on the overview of the questions you should be asking yourself.

Comments from those that have read the guide

"Your book is quite the best small book on the nuts and bolts of setting up a business we have found.  Apart from its practicality and commonsense, we believe its brevity is its biggest single selling point.  We have given copies to friends and colleagues, and recommended it to many business people across the North Island.  At 48 pages, it represents one of those rare GAAG (Guts at a glance) books that are invaluable and respect the KISS principle.  Without it there is a real gap in the market, and we researched dozens of publications before we pinpointed yours as a gem."

"Your book Owning Your Own Business has been of great help to us as business owners, both for checking we are doing the basics right, and for growing our thriving business.  The ideas and practices in the book have made our task easier.  We have appreciated the book's clarity and simplicity and your 'feet on the ground, roll your sleeves up, get into it' approach."

Tim and Juliana Smithells
Managing Licensors
First Careers(NZ) Ltd

“I was impressed with the way David wrote about a number of key issues that are often over looked by new and even existing business owners."
In summary I would say this business guide is “an essential 60 minute read to all new and existing business owners.”

Jamie Tulloch
Managing Director
Wood Rivers Hawes & Company Ltd

“It is great to see practical points and facts available to the people who need it the most when they need it the most!

The book ties well with your first and would have made our entry into business smoother. You have positioned yourself in an ideal situation to provide a service, which is essential for most small business to start up. You certainly helped us, for which we are grateful”

Carl Sara
Joint Director
Muffin Break, South City, Christchurch

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